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About the Author

     Wm.-Brennen Smith is a Massachusetts native.  He is a college undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  Brennen was home-schooled from 1st grade through his Senior year in High School. 


     He received his Associates degree in Criminal Justice from Northern Essex Community College with High Honors, along with a Law Enforcement Certificate.  He has been an American Revolutionary War reenactor with His Majesties 64th Regiment of Foot, Light Infantry Company since he was around 5 years old.  He was cast as a Redcoat extra for the TV show Castle Rock.  Brennen also has a keen interest in wargaming, airsoft, and camping. Having spent five years with Civil Air Patrol, and three years in Air Force ROTC, Brennen gained knowledge of modern unit tactics and how brotherhood forms within ranks by forming such bonds with his own units.  

     He has used his experience, plus reenactments, and his historical education as the basis for his book: Rise of the Patriots.