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Battle locations

The descriptions of battles can be very confusing in the book.  There are so many details, it takes a lot to process it.  To help you along (and myself, admittedly) I have these maps that help me keep everything in order and consistent.  Here are some pictures from the Millinocket Campaign!  














This first image is the front line before the Russians attacked East Millinocket.  

This image is after the Russians pushed back the Militia.

This image is what the line looked like during the defiant counter-attack and the flanking maneuver by the 25th.

This image shows the ambush by the 25th on the rear of the Russian forces.

After the Russians were completely surrounded, they had to surrender.  The 28th Regiment then captured Medway, and eventually pushed further east.  The 77th is escorting the Russian prisoners out of Millinocket.

SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't read the book