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     The uniforms of the Maine Militia vary from Regiment to Regiment.  Units used whatever they could find.  Most Regiments found two types of uniforms widely available to them.  First was the OD-Green uniform.  Second was the BDU uniform.  These were the two most-widely used patterns, as they were often found in surplus stores.  Other units who found different uniforms used them.  A Regiment or two did use ACU uniforms, because they found them in bulk.  

Below, you can find examples of what the 25th Regiment were wearing during the war.


Helmet:   OD Green, metal.  Not bullet-proof, but does protect against debris.

T-Shirt:  Brown.  Helps camouflage in Maine's woods.  Very common and quite comfortable.


Blouse:   OD Green, button-up.  Buttons easier to fix than zippers.  OD Green name tape was sewn onto upper right pocket, US MILITIA tape sewn onto upper left pocket.  Reverse OD Green American flag patch on right shoulder.  25th Regiment patch on left shoulder.  Ranks (if earned) are worn halfway down the sleeves facing out.


Pants:   OD Green.  Matches blouse. Pockets held assorted items, from passes, to Identification papers or cards, to licenses, or even personal items.


Boots:   Black leather and fabric.  Easy to clean, comfortable to wear.  Steel-toed. 

Plate Carrier.  Held armor plates and extra ammunition in pouches.